Beronia - best shared with friends

A journey through the elements

We invite you on a journey through the past, to the present and onto the future of Bodegas Beronia. Discover below what makes us who we are today.

Rooted in wine country

The Regions

We are privileged to be part of the iconic winemaking regions, La Rioja and Rueda. Our commitment to shaping their sustainable futures is unwavering, and we strive to find the perfect balance between honouring local winemaking tradition while pioneering advanced, modern techniques to make the very best wine our land can produce.


The fruit of a friendship

We blend a classic winemaking approach with a dynamic attitude to cutting-edge techniques. The result? A wine portfolio of the highest quality, quintessentially Rioja and Rueda, with our unique Beronia style.

The Beronia style

From harvest through to bottling, each step we take makes each year’s fruit shine in a way that is unique to Beronia.

Discover the ways in which we create our very own Beronia style.

Half a century committed to exceptional wine
Beronia style
frase Beronia

Almost 50 harvests, each spent in pursuit of excellence